Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I upgrade to v2?

You should upgrade so that you have access to the full power and capabilities of VTEX IO and Store Framework, the latest and greatest VTEX has to offer. Also, stay up to date with every new feature we develop in a seamless way, just as described at .

Are there functionalities that were available in v1 but not in v2?

For a full feature comparison between our new CMS and our old one, you can check out .

How can I get started with migrating to v2?

Currently there is not an automated process to migrate a store from v1 to v2. Basically the front-end needs to be rebuilt using our Store Framework.

What components already exist?

Quite a few! And new ones are coming. You can check out a list at .

Will I be able to implement functionalities I need using the components already provided by VTEX or should I build my own?

We strongly recommend everyone to use the components already provided by VTEX, as they already offer a certain degree of customization and are fully supported by the Store Framework team. If you want some new feature that we do not support yet, please check our contributing guidelines so that you can maybe add this feature to our components and make it available to everyone (open-source rules!).

What is not supported by Store v2?

We don't fully support (for now) exclusive features for: marketplaces, B2B, delivery and grocery. For the time being we will not be making any modification to our components so that they support those specific use cases.

What is supported by Store v2?

We support all common features for basic stores that sell items which don't require a great degree of personalization, such as: fashion, home appliances, cosmedics and sporting goods.

How do I know if I should create a new app or send a PR to make an existing app better?

We always encourage everyone to contribute to the development of all components we build, that's why they are all open-source! Check out our contributing guidelines for a better guide on how to send that PR or discuss a new feature you want to implement, they live at: .

Where can I find documentation on which props (or blocks) can be passed to each block?

Each block is exported by a component built by the Store Framework team, and their documentation lives in each one of their GitHub repositories. You can check out our list of available components and the links to each repository at .

How can I extend the provided functionalities from Store Framework?

Due to a recent change in the way VTEX is handling extensibility with VTEX IO, in order to garantee quality support to every client by VTEX support team, agencies that do not have enterprise accounts will have limited access to extensibility features and can only publish and install apps into their VTEX accounts, but not create apps extending features provided by Store Framework.

Can I develop Node + GraphQL apps?

The use of Node and GraphQL will only be allowed to enterprise accounts that want to create new features that support their store development.


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