The Minicart just gained the openOnHover prop that controls whether the block may be opened or not, having the cart information displayed solely, according to the user's hover.

⚠️ This prop only works properly on desktop mode. For mobile devices, the behavior continues to be the default one (that is, the Minicart information is only displayed when clicking on it).

What has changed

Previously, the Minicart only displayed cart information when users would clicked on it.

The new prop, when set to true, allows users to view the same information with a simple hover:


Key advantages

Although this is a release dealing with simple configurations, the Minicart as a block is an important user browsing reference point in stores.

Therefore, the new hover functionality allows users to access information contained in blocks more easily, improving their browsing experience.

What you need to do

Make sure that your Minicart block is updated to version 2.30.0 or higher.

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