CSS Handles

Another CSS Handles release is in the house. Important components of a store have had their elements befitted with their own Handles:

  • Telemarketing
  • Search Result
  • Menu

What has changed

Previously, all telemarketing layout blocks didn't have Handles. Therefore, retailers and users of the telemarketing functionality could not independently customize that section of their store:


In addition, several search result blocks and menu elements lacked customizations, not having their own CSS Handles.

Main advantages

Without CSS Handles, the store depended on CSS Selectors, which looked at a page's HTML structure, when selecting an element for customization.

This store customization practice, in addition to being vulnerable, was mostly deprecated. Therefore, launching these Handles for several store components is of strategic importance.

What you need to do

To get your hands on the new Handles, you need to update three different apps.

Below, you can check each app's name and their respective minimum required version that should run in your store to be able to freely start customizing your store:

Don't forget to have a look at our recipe on Using CSS Handle for store customizations.

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