Search query

The search query now returns search results to users even when the facets query doesn't find any.

What has changed

The search query is formed by two other queries: productSearch and facets. Previously, when the facets query didn't return results, the search query automatically ignored data fetched by the productSearch and instead displayed to users a 404 not found.

With this search query improvement, the data fetched by productSearch is shown to users even when the facets query doesn't return anything.

In practice, the search returns to the user the complete product page, but without the filters in the left corner of the screen (fetched by facets).

Main advantages

The former behavior's main problem was that it curtailed user access to relevant data about their query because of a performance error from the facets.

Therefore, this release's biggest advantage is improving user experience, which, even if having to deal with an incomplete filter-less search results page, can still browse through the returned products.

What you need to do

Rejoice with me: you don't need to do anything! This improvement is already available to all platform stores.

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