Platform performance

Check the latest releases for week 45 & 46 of 2019 on promoting an optimal VTEX IO infra performance, ensuring a better, faster and stabler platform experience:

Data fetching

One of the pain points related to platform performance is the GraphQL (responsible for data fetching) overload, due to an excessive number of unnecessary requests sent to it.

Just imagine the following scenario: for a product to be available on a shelf, GraphQL would receive a request to fetch all the SKUs pertaining to that product. In most cases, such a request is unnecessary, since many products have SKUs that are not available and that should therefore not be displayed to users.

As a consequence, the skuFilter field was created with the aim to optimize GraphQL and thereby considerably improve store performance. Its possible values are as follows:

  • FIRST_AVAILABLE: only returns the first available SKU fetched in the query, gaining more than 1s in search speed. This value is recommended for stores that do use the SKU Selector component on the Shelf or on the search results page.
  • ALL_AVAILABLE: returns only available SKUs. This value was set as the field's default and no further action is necessary if this is the desired scenario for your store.
  • ALL: returns all SKUs for each product regardless of availability, the same way the former GraphQL behavior did.
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