CSS Handles

This improvement gives two Product Details Page components their own CSS Handles. The aforementioned components are savingPriceValue and savingPriceLabel .

What has changed

Previously, savingPriceLabel and savingPriceValue were the only Product Price components lacking Handles.

This led to defective customization scenarios, as shown in the example below:


Notice that savingPriceLabel (You Save:) and savingPriceValue($3.80) are the only ones not in bold.

Main advantages

Without CSS Handles, savingPriceLabel and savingPriceValue customization depended on CSS Selectors, which looked to a page's HTML structure when selecting an element.

This store customization practice, in addition to being vulnerable, will soon be deprecated. Therefore, launching these Handles is of strategic importance.

What you need to do

Make sure your store is running Store Components on version 3.81.0 or higher.

Don't forget to take a look at the recipe on using CSS Handle for store customization.

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