Pages Settings Tab

The Pages Settings tab, which served as a shortcut to a basic settings page in VTEX stores, was deprecated.

What has changed

Previously, a Settings tab located in Pages, within CMS, served as shortcut to an App Store admin page that dealt with basic store settings, such as name, favicon and meta description tag.


Now, the Settings tab within Pages has been deprecated. The user can still find and use the page’s functionalities using the admin, by accessing the VTEX Store setup in Apps.

Why are we taking this action

The Pages Settings tab was merely a shortcut to a store’s basic configurations admin page. Since CMS is a novel section aimed at content editing in VTEX stores and not their basic configurations, the shortcut’s deprecation strives for a more cohesive organization of available admin functionalities, improving its findability levels.

What you need to do

For your admin to reflect this deprecation, ensure that your store is running Pages Admin version 4.7.0 or higher.

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