Minicart component

The new Minicart component prop linkButtonFinishShopping redirects the user to any page the retailer wants when clicking the Finish Shopping Button.

What has changed

Prior to having the linkButtonFinishShopping prop, the Minicart Finish Shopping Button would always make the user proceed to checkout.


ℹ️ The “GO TO CHECKOUT” text shown on the Finish Shopping Button of the example above is set by the labelButtonFinishShopping prop.

Thanks to this improvement, you can now set a different address to redirect the user to, without necessarily having to be the checkout. The address may be any page the retailer wants.

Main advantages

The retailer may have wanted to change the default redirect and choose another page to where the user would land, for example one with special buy&win promotions or extended warranty options.

The new prop makes the Minicart component behavior more flexible and gives the retailer greater control over user browsing.

What you need to do

To use the new component prop, ensure that Minicart version 2.24.0 or higher is installed in your store.

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