Running native A/B testing


Our native A/B testing solution is designed entirely for ecommerce businesses seeking to optimize their conversion by measuring and comparing traffic between a variant workspace and the master.


Follow the next steps and learn more about the installation and execution of an A/B testing running entirely on the VTEX IO platform.

Step by step

  1. Start off by implementing and saving the changes you want to test in a chosen workspace. Then, do not forget to put it in the production mode.
  2. Open your terminal and authenticating yourself by running vtex login.
  3. Then, you must install our A/B testing app on the desired account master workspace. In order to do so, simply run vtex install vtex.ab-tester.
You can run vtex ls to make sure that you have vtex.ab-tester successfully installed in the master workspace.
  1. While in master, you can run vtex workspace abtest start to become a production workspace list available for you. Then, you should choose which workspace from that list will be the one compared to master.


At any moment, we can run the vtex workspace abtest status command to see the live results:


  1. You can run the vtex workspace abtest finish command in master whenever you feel that you already had enough testing or if a winner was already detected.

Then, a list of all workspaces being tested by the vtex.ab-tester app will show up and you should indicate which one should be ended.


By finishing the test, you will only be ending the test on the select workspace. It will not promote any workspace to master. You must do that yourself. If you've built an A/B Test with other workspaces you must end them manually as well.
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