Publishing an app

Once an app's version was already released by you, the app must also be installed in order to test its new settings. However, it is not possible to install an app that only exists in your local environment. Therefore, after the new app's version was released, you must publish it that it can be installed by yourself or by others as well.


  1. Use the vtex publish command to turn the new app’s version in which you were working into a release candidate version. Notice: a release candidate can only be installed on an account for testings if the user orders Toolbelt to install the exact version.
You always must be logged into the account where you want the new app version to be published. Make sure the app’s vendor is equal to its account.

If your app doesn’t have billing options, users with access to the account in which the app was published can install it through the Admin’s Apps section. Otherwise, the app can be installed using Toolbelt, regardless of the specified billing method.

Once the version is already installed in a production workspace, it is time to validate your candidate release.

  1. Test the release candidate’s stability by means of an A/B test.
If you are releasing a beta app version and all settings were already tested by you, you should release a non-beta version for your app, publish it, install it in a production workspace and test its stability once more in order to follow the next step.
  1. Use the vtex deploy command to publish the release candidate as a stable version. By using this command, Housekeeper will automatically install the new app stable version on all accounts that use the app.
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