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Drawer component

Your store Drawer’s behavior and appearance can be customized for mobile users thanks to the component’s 3 new props and CSS handles.

Image thumbnails

The Product Images component now allows a product’s thumbnails to be displayed either vertically or horizontally on the page.

accessiBe first party app

Natively integrate using the accessiBe first party app and get access to the accessiBe solution and all its functionalities.

Internal URLs link in banners

With the new 'Internal URL' field, CMS’s Storefront section now allows you to easily and swiftly link internal URLs to a banner by simply copy-pasting the desired address.

Search Result

The search results page can now inform the user about the number of items displayed on the browser page, along with the total number of results found.

Breadcrumb on mobile mode

The Breadcrumb component’s new 'showOnMobile' prop makes it available for mobile.

Minicart component

The new Minicart component prop 'linkButtonFinishShopping' redirects the user to any page the retailer wants when clicking the Finish Shopping Button.

Platform performance

Overall performance improvements.

Custom pages URL

The new Filter Navigator's 'preventRouteChange' prop enables custom pages paths to not undergo any more changes when filtered by a user.

Pages Settings Tab

The Pages Settings tab, which served as a shortcut to a basic settings page in VTEX stores, was deprecated.

Extension points on the Order Placed page

The Order Placed page can now accept new components to its upper part thanks to the use of extension points.

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