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If there is one thing that a store can always improve upon, it's user experience. The new Minicart `openOnHover` prop is here to make that point.

Challenge Trade Policy Condition

This release is so fascinating that you don't even have to be into B2B to rejoice with us: now, you can establish conditional rules to determine whether a user can or cannot access the content of a given trade policy. Awesome, isn't it?

Reviews and Ratings

Finally! A product review and rating solution to call our own!!! Say goodbye to the old third-party solution you were using and cast your eyes on this new release.

Blocks on Site Editor

We won't deny it... we love it when the Site Editor has a new release. This one's amazing: three more of your store's elements can be edited using the Site Editor's admin: Search Bar placeholder, Minicart Icon Label and Product Description title!

Product Price

The individuality of each block used in a store must be respected, mainly when we talk about customizations. With that in mind, the Product Price can finally showcase the `blockClass` prop! It means that every Product Price block will be able to receive a unique customization each time it appears in your store, no matter how often that happens.

Publish command

If you take a deep breath, you can catch a whiff the A/B tests in the air. That’s because the Publish command from 01/02/2020 on will change its functionality and more steps will be added to the process of publishing an app on the platform. Everything to say goodbye to potential instabilities and to foster a culture of tests among our beloved devs.

CSS Handles

We get a fuzzy feeling inside whenever a CSS Handles release is nearby! Have a look at the store's components that gained new Handles and are ready to be fully customized: Menu, Search Result and Product Price.

Sku Selector

Retailers always want power and control over their blocks. Not that I'm judging them, since they're more than right to want as much flexibility as possible for their stores. Therefore, meeting demand, new SKU Selector props (`initialSelection` and `displayMode`) are now here to get rid of block rigidity.

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