What is VTEX IO

VTEX IO is a development platform used to create and operate Software as a Service at a high performance and low development and maintenance cost.


At present, in addition to the need to develop codes that implement business functionalities, tech companies also need to worry about a large part of the infrastructure that lies behind what is being developed, such as server configuration, performance, access permissions, horizontal and vertical resource scalability, security, etc.

With VTEX IO, server configuration and maintenance is outside the developer’s scope, who can redirect his or her efforts to other requests without wasting time managing the infrastructure and related challenges.

Cloud native

By being serverless, VTEX IO is ran on a cloud infrastructure. This basically means that it’s not running in two different environments, one locally and the other on a cloud server.

Resources used by VTEX IO are automatically scaled according to the platform use frequency, allows retailers and development agencies to focus on business demands without having to worry about the scalability needs.

In addition, a cloud-based infrastructure benefits from fast integrations with other areas and third-party services that are involved in the online purchasing flow, such as Google, carrier deliveries, marketing, inventories, etc.