Store Framework

When comparing two or more online stores, we can notice similarities between their structure. For example: independently of the store we are browsing, it’s common to see highlighted products in the store’s window display, along with a search bar, menus, product pages with a buy button, logo, and so on.

This shows us that there is a correspondence between online store components, no matter each store’s identity. This correspondence makes the store creation process easier, allowing a front-end development with a single shareable component structure among stores.

Within VTEX IO, the Store Framework is responsible for laying the foundations of this structure for any platform store through our high quality, customizable components and open source code.

This means that Store Framework enables you to:

  • Have flexible, changeable, regularly tweaked components at your fingertips, all written in JSON and CSS.
  • Be natively integrated with VTEX APIs.
  • Send your store’s view events to analysis tools, such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

This track will show you how to build and customize a store in VTEX IO, using Store Framework and our ecommerce components.