Notification is a VTEX component allows you to display a text content in a bar style or inline. This Component can be imported and used by any VTEX app.

📢 Disclaimer: Don't fork this project; use, contribute, or open issue with your feature request.

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You should follow the usage instruction in the main README. and notification.inline is a block allowed in the store interface(

You can use it by adding it to the blocks of your store sections, for example:

"store.home": {
    "blocks": [

Blocks API

When implementing this component as a block, various inner blocks may be available. For now this block does not have any required or optional blocks.


Through the Storefront, you can change the Notification's behavior and interface. However, you also can make in your theme app, as Store theme does.

Prop nameTypeDescriptionDefault value
contentStringText to be used in the bar.''

Styles API

You should follow the Styles API instruction in the main README.

CSS Namespaces

Below, we describe the namespace that are defined in the Notification.

Class nameDescriptionComponent Source
notificationContentThe content of Notificationindex
notificationBarContainerThe main container of NotificationBarindex
notificationBarInnerThe inner container of NotificationBarindex