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Challenge Trade Policy Condition

This component will check if the logged in user has all conditions rules specified in the Trade Policy configuration. If the user is not logged in they will be redirected to redirectPath. If the user is logged in but not authorized, they will be redirected to forbiddenRedirectPath. If allowed, it will render the page.


  1. Import the app to your theme's dependencies in the manifest.json, for example:
  "dependencies": {
    // ...
    "vtex.challenge-tp-condition": "0.x"
  1. Add the block challenge.trade-policy-condition to all pages that you want to protect as a parent component:
 "store.home": {
   "blocks": [
+   "parent": {
+     "challenge": "challenge.trade-policy-condition"
+   }
Prop nameDefault valuePossible valuesDescription
redirectPath/login(anything)Path which the not logged in user will be redirected
forbiddenRedirectPath/login(anything)Path which the logged in user will be redirected if not allowed
defaultContentVisibilityvisiblevisible or hiddenShould the content be visible or hidden while checking the user condition?

Important: Using hidden will make all the page content be rendered on the client, that is, the page will not be Server Side Rendered (SSR). That is due to the fact that this check is user-based, making it impossible to cache.