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Platform performance

Platform performance improvements are something we always like and want. So give this release a good read to understand what weeks 43 and 44 of 2019 bring in terms of VTEX IO improvement key points.

Product Specifications

You can choose on which device to make the Product Specification content collapsible. So much control over a component can seem like fake news, but it's all true thanks to the new component's prop!

SKU Selector

The SKU Selector is fully loaded this week: it can not only display exclusive images, but also be wholly displayed on the Shelf and even in the Search Results page. Check out the details here!

Product Summary Price

Learn how simple can be to build and custom a Product Details Page with our flexible components.

Store PWA

Once on the Order Placed page, users want to follow their order’s status. A notice prompting the installation of your store’s PWA seems rather strategic at this point, wouldn’t you say? If you agree, then you will definitely like this improvement.

Product Summary

These past two weeks were not special just for the SKU Selector: the Product Summary didn't just gain a blockClass prop, but also a CSS Handle. Now that's rad right?

Site Editor

GIFs. Yep, that's right. GIFs. G I F S are now properly working in Site Editor.


A new configuration of the Menu block allows its content to be edited with Site Editor! If there's something that retailers like, it's code independence. And if there's something we like, it's to see happy retailers!


The Carousel component block as we know it makes way for a new Carousel configuration that uses Slider Layout. The more component flexibility, the more customization options available to you.

Hotjar first party app

Forget custom HTML tags and rejoice from the services the Hotjar solution provides. A native integration of the solution with IO stores is now a reality thanks to this new 1st party app.

Search Results Page URL

The `preventRouteChange` prop expanded and what was valid only for custom pages is now valid for custom-less Search Results pages. Apply any filters without worrying about changes to the page's path.


Similar to the Menu, uploading Image component content can also be done using the Site Editor. Am I hearing fireworks?

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