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Site Editor

They say 1 is few, 2 is good and 3 is a party. If a release for the Site Editor is already incredible, picture 3? Check out the new Topbar, complete with tooltips and new modal texts for the admin section.


If you've had a good week, Breadcrumb had a better one! The component gained two new props (`homeIconSize` and `caretIconSize`), new Handles (`homeLink` and `termArrow`) and other improvements.

Product Specifications

The Product Specifications `visibleSpecifications` and `hiddenSpecifications` props can now be edited using the admin's Site Editor. This Site Editor never tires of being a hero for code-less people, for real...

Platform performance

We always rejoice from performance improvements, and I promise you that this one involving data fetching is legit. Check out the VTEX IO performance improvement for week 45 and 46 of 2019.

Search Result OrderBy

OrderBy’s new `hiddenOptions` prop does away with the component’s forced exhibitionism. Its options can now either be hidden or displayed according to the retailer’s chosen scenario.

CSS Handles

The Breadcrumb was not the only one to have been gifted Handles this week. `savingPriceValue` and `savingPriceLabel` also had a lucky week and gained their own CSS Handles.

Search Result Gallery

During the Black Friday week, the e-commerce gods have bestowed the blessing upon the Gallery component, making it responsive and willing to accept different values for (almost) any existing device.

Search query

Shall we celebrate search query's independence from the facets query? Even when the latter doesn't return any results, the former renders data fetched by the `productSearch` query, providing users with search results regardless.

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